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SPG-06B-Ⅲ HF indction heater

SPG-06B-Ⅲ HF indction heater

Technical parameters:
1. SPG-06B-Ⅲ and SPG-06AB-Ⅲ with timer
2. Maximum input power:6KW
3. Oscillating frequency:600-1100KHZ
4. Heating current:3~28A
5. Input: 220V 50HZ single phase
6. Duty cycle:80%
7. SPG-06AB-Ⅲ timer :0.1~99.9 second
8. Cooling water desire:≥0.3MPa ≥3L/min
9. Net weight of generator:18KG
10. Generator size(CM): 48L×24W×43H
11. Heating head weight:3.5KG
12. Heating head Size(CM): 14L×9.3W×14H
13. Cable length: 2 meters
14. used for Brazing of saw tip

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