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       Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, Shenzhen Magtech Company Limited is specialized in the sales and services of High Frequency and Medium Frequency Induction Heating Generators and related equipments. Our company is the sole export agent for Shenzhen Shuangping Power Supply Technologies Co., Ltd., which is the biggest manufacturer of Solid State Transistor Induction Heating Equipments in China.

Tens years ago, Shuangping engineer succeeded in making the first prototype of portable transistor high frequency induction heating generator with patented new technology, which is achievement of many years of research and development. Since then Shenzhen Shuangping Power Supply Technologies Co., Ltd. has been concentrated on the developing and manufacturing of High and Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machines. Shuangping owns research lab and production base in Dongguan city, and service centers in many cites across China.

Now the product lines include heating machine with power from 3KW up to300KW, the frequency ranges from 2Khz up to 1.1Mhz. More and more customers have been attracted by "ShuangPing" induction heaters for the reliable quality and reasonable cost. When the cost of energy materials like crude oil and coal becomes higher and higher, the energy-saving and environmentally friendly Induction heating machine offers a perfect solution in the fields of metal heating, soldering and brazing, forging and shaping, heat treatment and melting.

As a close partner of Shenzhen Shuangping, our company is dedicated on sales and following-up and after sales service for "Shuangping" brand induction heating machines in international market. 

Our sales market includes Brazil, USA, Japan, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Iran, Korea, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, and Taiwan. In USA, Brazil, Malaysia and India we have professional distributors who offers quick service.

 Our mission is to provide good quality products and professional technical support as  well as personalizes service. We care about each machine sold, each customer will get our response in no time, wherever they are in this world.

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