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Medium frequency induction heating machine

Medium frequency induction heating machineIntroduction
SPZ series Medium frequency induction heaters are characterized by frequency range 200HZ~20KHZ and power15~600KW,they are mainly used for penetrated heating, such as rod heating for shaping, melting, fitting and preheat for welding.
In SPZ medium frequency machines,parallel oscillating structure is used . IGBT module power components and our fourth generation inverting control technologies are applied.
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SPZ-B M.F induction heater with transformer

High frequency induction heater SP series

High frequency induction heater SP seriesIntroduction
SP series includes SP-04C、SP-15、SP-25、SP-25BD、SP-35B、SP-45B and SP-70B with frequency from 30 to 80KHZ, these machines are our earliest models and have been used most widely now because of their simplicity and low price. Especially the SP-04C and SP-15 model.
Their main application covers blade brazing, copper parts brazing, small part heat treatment and so on.
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SPG Induction heating machine

SPG Induction heating machineIntroduction
SPG series covers frequency from 10KHZ to 1100KHZ, and power ranges from 3KW to 300KW; there are hundreds of models of SPG machines, according to the different frequency range and technical structure, SPG machines are divided into SPG20K series, SPG50K series, SPG series and SPG400K series. Due to the wide frequency range and power range, SPG machines are widely used in various metal heating applications.
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Mobile Indution heater

Mobile Indution heaterIntroduction
SPY Mobile induction heaters are designed with 3 to 5 meter long connecting cable, power ranges from 10 to 100KW, and output frequency ranges from 20 to 80KHZ. SPY machines can be used for copper connector brazing, copper tube brazing, surface heating and heating for coat removing , etc.
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Induction Zinc melting furnace

High frequency pipe welder

High frequency pipe welderIntroduction
SPH series pipe High frequency welder, Output frequency 200~700KHZ,output power 20~300KW, is specially designed for pipe high frequency welding application, such as steel pipe high frequency welding, stainless steel pipe high frequency welding and aluminium pipe high frequency welding. By using our latest control technologies, SPH machines realize varieties of advantages such as excellent output stability , small size, high heating efficiency, low energy loss and high reliability.
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SPD Power Electronic capacitor tester

SPD Power Electronic capacitor testerIntroduction
Shenzhen Shuangping Power supply technologies co. supplies medium and high frequency induction heater from which capacitor tester is developed to test high power capacitor by supplying high frequency current and voltage to the capacitor simulating the actual working status.

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Induction heating stove

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