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Lead Melting furnace for Lead patenting

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Lead Melting furnace for Lead patenting

1、 Recommend: SPZ-45 100KG Lead melting furnace
2、 Machine in picture: SPZ-45 generator + capacitor + melting furnace + temperature controller
3、 Application: melting Lead to 850℃ for Lead patenting;
4、 Power:45KW
5、 Input voltage: 380V three phases.
6、 Melting pot: stainless steel vessel with diameter 200×400 high.
7、 Output frequency: 10KHZ about
8、 With thermal-couple temperature sensor and temperature controller
9、 Advantage: Low price and easy for use, high heating efficiency

Keyword: Lead melting furnace, Tin melting furnace, Zinc melting furnace, Lead patenting
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